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the Roundhouse Shed

Last Saturday, I received an sms from a friend – Don’t come 2 mid valley. Its a thomas n friends trap. I showed my hubby that msg and told him, we shouldn’t go there, we’ll for sure end up buying something for SY if we do. So, we went to Ikano that evening. My hubby bought a new thomas n friends VCD (Calling All Engines image_464.jpg) for SY. Later that evening, I received an sms from Hazel about the thomas n friends fair again. She said – shd bring SY to Midvalley, thomas fair in the Ctr courtyard. Again, I told my hubby about it. While SY was enjoying his new VCD that evening, my hubby told SY – papa will bring you to Midvalley for the thomas n friends fair tomorrow. I totally didn’t expect that and I told my hubby, you better bring him there tomorrow as you’ve already said that to him.

On Sunday, SY kept on asking what time we were going to Midvalley. So the father and I told him that he would have to finish his b’fast, lunch and take your nap before we go. We finally left for Midvalley at 6pm. My hubby bought a Roundhouse Shed for SY. image_460a.jpgIt’s RM119.90 at ToysRus but only RM89.90 at the fair. Since we made a purchase above RM80, we get a ticket to go on the train ride. SY didn’t dare to go alone, so he asked me to accompany him, and I took JT with me. 🙂 It was quite fun.

We told SY that he has to collect 10 stickers before he can play with the shed. He said – it’s too slow, I want to collect two stickers to play with it. Then I said – ok, I will give you two stickers for finishing your dinner, and one more when you put away your toys at home. We went home, he put away all his other toys and I rewarded him with three stickers. It was getting late, so we told him that he can only play with the shed the next day after school. He dozed off quickly after watching his newly purchased VCD.

There goes another family weekend.


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How kAcAng came about…

I started using Yahoo Messenger when I started my second job and I had a few nicks with it as I couldn’t decide which one to use. One was long, it was called ‘slow_sloth’, I didn’t like it very much. So I thought I would get another one.

As I was munching ‘kacang nganyin’, I thought, hmm….’kacang’ sounds good and I luv to eat kacang, especially pistachios and macadamias. Now, I’ve used kacang for ages and I just luv it. 🙂

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~Quote of the Day~

Don't compare yourself with anyone in this world. If you do so, you're insulting yourself. -Alen Strike

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