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SY’s field trip

Yesterday was SY’s second field trip with his school. They visited the KL Tower and the Bukit Nenas Reserved Forest. He was excited about it the night before, kept telling us that he has to be at school at 8am.

After I picked him up from school yesterday, I asked how was his trip and it went like this:

Me: How was the trip to KL Tower and Reserved Forest?
SY: Good.
Me: Did you have fun?
SY nodded.
Me: Did you see which floor uncle pressed when you go up to KL Tower? We were discussing which floor they might go to the night before. So I told him that he can ask the uncle which floor they are going to.
SY: Nope.

Not getting much response from him as he was busy playing with the cardboard binocular that he got from KL Tower. So I decided to ask about the reserved forest.

Me: How was the reserved forest? What did you see? Did you hear the birds sing?
SY: We heard the insects sing in the forest.
Me: Oh ok. Did you see any animals? Monkey? Tiger? Lion? Gorilla? I laughed as I asked.
SY: Monkey. Inside got gorilla.
Me: What do you mean inside got gorilla?
SY: Inside got gorilla lah. He ran away after that.

I wonder what he saw.

Overall, he told me that he had fun. 🙂


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being sPoTTeD

We went to Ikano Power center last sunday with my parents. While we were having late lunch at Kluang Station, JT was busy walking around after she gobbled down two half boiled eggs while SY was running around nearby with his mouth full of fried chicken. Then came a young lady, trying to talk to KW while he was busy tailing JT. He asked the young lady to come talk to me instead. She walked over, introduced herself as a representative from production house. She told me that she has spotted SY for an ad, a HSBC ad. I couldn’t believe what I heard and said to her – My son? Not my daughter? This boy that’s running around non-stop? She smiled and nodded. She said they are looking for boys aged between four to 12 years old and SY is a perfect match. However, SY was not in his cooperating mood, he refused to let the young lady took his pictures. She then said it was ok, explained that the ad is for a foreign bank, and if SY is being selected for the ad, they’ll fly him to CANADA for shooting! She then left me her business card and a map to the production house, and told us that if we are interested, bring SY over for casting which starts today. She said we can bring his sibling over for him to play with while they shoot.

Since then, we’ve been trying to persuade him to go for casting. We asked him – Do you wanna go to North America (as my brother bought him a set of thomas and friends from US) and buy big thomas and friends? He thought for a while and said – NO! We tried to persuade him again, he still insisted – NO.

Yesterday after work, I tried to persuade him again with the same question but explained further that he can bring his thomas and friends over to the production house and play with JT. Then he asked – Got big James and Percy or not? My dad and I laughed and we nodded. Then he asked – which day we go to America? I replied –Well, that depends on the uncles and aunties’ decision. If they think SY is doing ok, behave well, then they’ll tell us that we can go to North America. SY can take the airplane, then can see tiny cars from the plane. He seemed satisfied with my answer and asked no more.

Since then, I’ve been asking telling him that we’ll bring him over to the production house to play with JT or some kids on Saturday. 🙂

We have taken him for an audition before when he was about 18 months old. A call was received after that about shooting him for a PANADOL ad but never heard from them again. It is not easy being spotted for an ad, let alone the shooting will be done in CANADA if selected. More of a parents’ choice than his own. Who knows, he might be a young tv star in the near future. *dreaming*

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the PURPLE dinosaur

What’s with the PURPLE dinosaur?

SY is afraid of IT now and we don’t know the reason for sure. We discovered this from his teacher. The teacher told us that he would cry whenever they switch on the Barney’s VCD for the kids to watch at school.

Weird, isn’t it? We’ve asked him why is he afraid of it, and his answer to it was – I don’t like Barney! Then I asked again – What about Baby Bob and BJ? I got the same answer.

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a DaTe with my Gold Nugget

I was off on Monday. as a replacement holiday for Agung’s birthday. So I asked SY where he would like to spend the afternoon with me. He said he would like to go to 1U ToysRus. Then I told him that I would pick him up from school at about 1pm. After I dropped him off at school, I went for marketing, bought some fresh food to cook for dinner that evening. Went home, boiled soup, boiled ‘lo hon kor’ drink, fried onion eggs and some Penang lobak. It was about 12noon when I was done with the cooking. After my shower, I rushed to the bank to pay for my hubby’s taxes, picked up SY and headed to SCJP for donation on behalf of my hubby.

At last, SY and I were on our way to 1U. We got there at about 2.30pm, but it took us some 20 minutes to get a carpark. We headed straight to ToysRus where SY spent all of his time on Thomas n friends stuff (the train sets, the die cast metal trains, the VCDs, etc). I kept reminding him that it’s time to go after half an hour, but he kept on holding me back that he needed another 5 minutes. What is so great about Thomas n friends? I guess only kids who are engross with them would know the answer. 🙂

After ToysRus, we went to JJ. Again, he went straight to the aisle where the blue train and his friends are displayed. I had to drag him out of there literally, then he went straight to the VCD section and searched for err…you know what. He was holding on to two VCDs and kept telling me that he doesn’t have them YET. I told him – we are not buying anything here. He pouted. I told him – let’s go get some food, mummy is hungry. He refused to leave. Ok, this boy wouldn’t leave unless I buy him something. Then I told him – let’s go get something to eat, and then I’ll see how you behave before we get the VCD. He reluctantly left JJ with me.

I went to the supermarket and bought him some fried wanton, then to Laksa Shack for Laksam Kelantan which I haven’t had for ages. SY was happily chewing his fried wanton while I slowly enjoying my laksam. Yum! It was good. 🙂 Though it can’t beat the ones in KB, it was still good. After filling up our tummies, SY dragged me back to JJ. We went to the shoes department. I told him to sit at the bench while I was checking out the shoes. He couldn’t sit still, he was down on the floor making funny faces at the shoes’ mirror. I had to tell him to go back to the bench. He was at it for only 5 seconds. Then he told me – Mummy, it’s taking too long, I wanna go upstairs! Gosh, what is wrong with boys? Are all boys so cheeky and mischievous?

It was almost time go leave, so I got my shoes and went back to the kiddie’s dept. Got him the VCD (Thomas comes to breakfast) and he was happy. He was tired on the way home, told him to rest his eyes when we got home but he refused. He said he wanted to watch the new VCD. I told him – the next time when mummy doesn’t go to work, we go for a movie at the cinema, ok? He replied – Can also. Then he thought for a while – I think I don’t wanna go for a movie. I want to go to ToysRus! *faint*

Overall, it was fun to spend some ‘quality’ time with SY. I love this gold nugget to bits but he really drives me up the wall sometimes. I really have no idea how to discipline him sometimes. We have used the hard way and the soft way. The soft way works most of the time but he’ll forget all about it 5 minutes later. *sigh*

Help, can anyone tell me what I should do?

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cUp cAkes anyone?

I used to luv cup cakes when I was a teenager. My mom used to buy the normal small cup cakes, five for RM1 orimage_465.jpg something like that, cheap ones, not fancy ones like I got from Hazel today. They are so beautiful and the best of all, they are homemade!

Audrey, Hazel and I met up for lunch today. I’ve known Hazel for quite sometime but never met her before, we always yack thru IM. Then we thought we would just meet up for lunch during school holidays. That’s how we ended up at KLCC Spring Garden for lunch today. We had Peking Duck and braised noodles with duck meat. It was an enjoyable meal. 🙂

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