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Cherish every moment with your family

A very old friend of mine sent me this sometime ago and I wanna share it with everyone.

Take it from one who regrets every lost moment.

Cherish every second with them now.
Comfort them when they are sick.
Praise them when they do well.
Be fair and loving when they are naughty.
Hug them and kiss them every morning and every night.
But above and beyond all, show them you love them every minute of every day.

For, in what will seem like a blink of an eye later in your life, the next thing you know, they will be grown, and you will wonder what happened to the time.

Do the same with your spouse.


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‘dustbin’ urinal

When I picked up SY yesterday from school, his teacher came and told me about what SY did after he woke up from his nap.

He had an urge to urinate but couldn’t make it to the toilet in time, so he chose to take a leak at the dustbin. 😀

The teacher was laughing when she relayed the incident to me. I laughed too when I heard it. On the way to the car I asked SY: What did teacher say to you when you wee wee in the dustbin?
SY: cannot wee wee in the dustbin again.

That was a good laugh for the evening.


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kerja kacang kat ‘kot biru’

On Monday morning, my boss informed me that the big bosses have decided to terminate my position in KL as they don’t see a need to have me here. I was shocked when I heard that but nothing much my boss can do. It wasn’t his call nor my ex-boss’s. It is about closing down the position in KL.

What does that mean? I’m out of job!

I was only in this job for four months. I anticipated the company might layoff one day but I didn’t expect this to be so soon. Laying off their employees are pretty common with American companies.

I’m actively looking for a job now. I have met up with a recruiter and spoken to a couple. I hope to hear some good news soon.

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Last Saturday, when KW was out for a haircut and I went to nap with JT, SY was up to something very bad. He used the dining chair to go up to the table, to reach the top of the shelf where the WD-40 is. He then sprayed his toys with it. KW came back and found out about it. So we asked him where else did he spray? He pointed at his toys only.

When we asked again: Where else did you spray? Please tell now, if we find out later, we’re gonna beat you.
SY: just my toys.

Then we lectured him and he asked to be stand in a corner.  I went off to prepare dinner for JT. When I opened the cover of the saucepan, I smelled something awful and I knew immediately that SY has sprayed in the porridge. When I was holding the saucepan on my way out from the kitchen, I saw two ‘oily’ spots on one of the kitchen cabinet’s door. I was boiling then.

I went to SY and asked him: Did you spray in mei mei’s porridge?
He thought for a while and nodded. I beat his butt twice with the cane. He was screaming away.
I asked: Why did you spray in the porridge?
SY: Because there are ants inside.
Me: Ants? what ants? what color?
SY: Black and red.
I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry, so I told him to go back to the corner and don’t come back to me until he has thought about what he has done wrong.

A few minutes after that, he came up to me and starred at me without uttering a word.
Me: So, have you thought about what you have done wrong?
SY: Yes.
Me: What have you done wrong?
SY: Climb……and……spray.
Me: Can you do that again?
SY: No.

We were thinking of taking him for the casting but since that happened, forget about it.  When I told my mother over the phone about what SY did, he heard me and shouted: Because there are ants in there! I burst out laughing.

Boys are very mischievous……and give moms alot of headache! Argh!

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