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Trip to Chennai, India – Day 8 to 13

Nothing special has happened, it’s just training, training and training. Very intensive training. I’ve only been here for two weeks but it feels like I’ve been here for two years!

I look very much forward to Saturday evening as that’s when I’m flying home. 🙂


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Trip to Chennai, India – Day 6 & 7

Day 6
Yeh! It’s Saturday! Another week to go. 🙂
It’s a shopping day. The car came early to pick me up. I left the hotel early, heading to Cottage Industries to check out some handicrafts that was recommended by Nicki who needs abit of time to finish up some work before we met up for lunch.

Cottage Industries is a beautiful place owned by Northern Indian, the Kashmir. It has beautiful carpets, jewelry, and handicrafts. I skipped the carpets, went straight to check out their jewelry. Oh boy oh boy….they sure are beautiful. Before I knew it, it was time to meet up with Nicki, so I left.

Nicki and I went to Amethyst. The front of Amethyst. Anupriya, Sweta and Jayambika were already waiting for us. The food was good there, not to mention the blackcurrant yogurt that was recommended by Nicki. Yum!!!

Then we headed to Spencer plaza. I bought a salwar (punjabi suit), an indian cotton top for JT, and a picture dictionary for SY. Toys are quite expensive here. Nicki bought some books and a beautiful piece of silk salwar.

After that, we went back to Cottage Industries as Nicki has never been there before. Again, we skipped the carpets, and headed straight to the jewelry. Their jewelry were wonderful, especially those with precious stones. I bought some and so did Nicki. They have excellent shawls and scarfs, but I didn’t get any as I don’t see a need in it. There, Nicki saw an extraordinary piece of beautiful blue/white saree. She couldn’t resist, so she bought it. It sure looks great on her.

We ended the evening by having dinner at the Courtyard Marriot, where Nicki stays. I reached the hotel at about 10pm. I had fun shopping. 🙂

Day 7
It will be a lazy day. I’ve plan to just laze in the hotel, watching tv, finish some work, etc.

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Trip to Chennai, India – Day 4 & 5

Day 4
It’s Deepavali (It’s ‘Diwali’ in India)! It’s very different here. It sounds like CNY to me as everywhere we go, we see people playing fire crackers, LOUD fire crackers. I still hear some right now.

No shopping today, it was just visiting.

My boss and I went to SRV’s house, Charlie and Jayashree came slightly later. We had snack over at SRV’s house. The wife gave us some fruits and an incense holder as a Diwali gift. Then we went off to Lavanyaa’s house for lunch. The husband told us about how they met. It was an arranged wedding! Amazing! She agreed to marry this guy after she has only seen him for about 5 minutes. 🙂

After lunch, we chatted and we went to her roof top to play fire crackers! We didn’t play anything too loud. We had such a great time!

Got back to the hotel at about 5.45pm, had dinner (grilled chicken breasts) at Caramel, another finger lickin’ good dinner. Then I went to the poolside to check out the fireworks.

I came back to the room at about 8pm. There’s a plate of sweets on the dining table for me. How sweet~

Although it’s just visiting, the day had gone by pretty meaningful, my first Deepavali in India and I’m glad that I’ve spent it with my Indian colleagues.

Day 5
It’s just another working day. I look forward to shopping Saturday tomorrow. 🙂

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Trip to Chennai, India – Day 3

I woke up at 7am this morning. Washed up in 15 minutes and went down for breakfast. I had the same thing as Day 2. Went off to work as usual. I packed chocolate danish and muffin to work for lunch. I didn’t eat it tho, a colleague called Bharat bought me a chicken sandwich that cost Rp30 (about RM2.70). It wasn’t great but it was better than the RICE. 🙂 I ate my muffin for tea.

Most of the indians are on holiday mood as Deepavali is tomorrow. Most of them were chatting away and were quite relaxed. I was the most hard working one.

I left the office at 5.50pm cos I called for office pick-up from the hotel. I waited for an hour, the transport didn’t show up. So, I went upstairs to call the hotel. They told me that the transport is on the way. When I got in the car, I asked the driver what time did he leave the hotel, he said at 7pm. I was so mad. I waited almost half an hour yesterday for the transport and it just got worse for today. However, the driver, Somsan, was a nice guy. He told me that he has worked in PJ for 4 years at a Proton Showroom. So, we communicated in Malay. 🙂

I got back to the hotel at almost 8pm CT. I went straight to the front desk and complained about the transport. I was so hungry. Good thing is the restaurant is not crowded, so the food was served pretty fast. I had fish for dinner. I ate while I replied some personal emails. 🙂

I’m back in my room now. Didn’t get to talk to my gold nuggets tonight as they were asleep when my hubby called me.

I look forward to tomorrow’s outing. A car is picking me up at 7.45am to go to my boss’s hotel and we’ll proceed from there to visit some colleagues as they invited us over for Deepavali. After that, my boss and I will go shopping together.

Time to hit the sack now…….nighty nite!

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Trip to Chennai, India (Nov 4 – 17, 2007) – Day 1 & 2

4 days into my job, I was sent to Chennai, India for two weeks training. It was not a place I wanted to go but it’s not my call to say no unless I say NO to the job.

My flight was scheduled to leave at 8.05pm, Nov 4 but it was delayed for 2.5 hours. I was so hungry as it was dinner time, all passengers were given a meal voucher to eat at some restaurants in KLIA. So, I went to an Italian restaurant for a quick pasta and headed back to Gate C14. At the time they were announcing their final call to flight MH 180 to Chennai. But they didn’t board us until 9.30pm. The flight finally took off at 10.30pm. An Indian guy was seated next to me. We chatted for a while. He was going to Chennai to accompany his in-laws that have never been to Malaysia. It would be their first time.

I was so tired, so I dozed off as soon as the flying wasn’t so bumpy. I skipped ‘dinner’ which was served at almost midnight. I didn’t sleep well tho, until the plane touched down at the Chennai International airport at 2.15am (11.45pm Chennai time). After the immigration check point, I waited about half an hour for my check-in baggage. As I was walking out from the airport, I saw a whole village of Indians. I’ve never seen so many of them before. The journey to Asiana hotel took about 40 minutes. By the time I’m settled in the hotel, I was exhausted but couldn’t sleep. So, I switched on the tv, flipped the channels, and finally dozed off in the wee hours.

Day 1
I woke up at 6am CT (Chennai Time), took shower, packed my bagpack and went down to Caramel restaurant for breakfast. I had American breakfast. Then went to the office by the courtesy car provided by the hotel. I had ‘vegetarian’ lunch in the cafeteria in the office building that cost 29 rupees (about RM2.50). I was expecting to see lots of vegetables but I was wrong, all I saw was RICE, RICE and RICE. There were sweet rice, sambar rice (rice with curry) and white rice, with some potatoes, sourish gravy, dal, and some rice crackers. First lunch at Karapakkam’s office

Gosh…I’ve never had so much rice in a meal! So, I decided to dine in the hotel during dinner. I ordered the hotel’s club sandwich for dinner, the fries was the best I’ve ever tasted. As I was having my dinner, I called home via Skype to talk to my family. All my son asked was ‘Mummy, got Thomas and friends or not?‘ JT was spending her second night with the nanny so I didn’t get to hear her voice. I miss them very much but I’m glad that they are doing ok without me.

Day 2
I woke up at 7am, brushed up and walked down to Caramel for b’fast. Again, I had the American breakfast but with no eggs since I had eggs yesterday. The day went by with peace. The only thing unusual was the office pick-up wasn’t there on time and I got panicked. It was 20 minutes late! But the driver, Bhaskar, was very chatty and friendly. He speaks quite well. So, we chatted on the way back to the hotel. When we got back, the hotel was experiencing a power failure. Good thing it has a generator, so the guests need not worry about it. I headed straight to Caramel for dinner. I had Chicken Chettinad, a spicy chicken in gravy served with steamed rice. Yum! Dinner was excellent altho it was a little spicy, the rice was superb!

As usual, I talked to my family via Skype for a while. It’s about time I should hit the sack now. My eyes are tired. Nite, nite!

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