Trip to Chennai, India – Day 3

November 7, 2007 kAcAng

I woke up at 7am this morning. Washed up in 15 minutes and went down for breakfast. I had the same thing as Day 2. Went off to work as usual. I packed chocolate danish and muffin to work for lunch. I didn’t eat it tho, a colleague called Bharat bought me a chicken sandwich that cost Rp30 (about RM2.70). It wasn’t great but it was better than the RICE. 🙂 I ate my muffin for tea.

Most of the indians are on holiday mood as Deepavali is tomorrow. Most of them were chatting away and were quite relaxed. I was the most hard working one.

I left the office at 5.50pm cos I called for office pick-up from the hotel. I waited for an hour, the transport didn’t show up. So, I went upstairs to call the hotel. They told me that the transport is on the way. When I got in the car, I asked the driver what time did he leave the hotel, he said at 7pm. I was so mad. I waited almost half an hour yesterday for the transport and it just got worse for today. However, the driver, Somsan, was a nice guy. He told me that he has worked in PJ for 4 years at a Proton Showroom. So, we communicated in Malay. 🙂

I got back to the hotel at almost 8pm CT. I went straight to the front desk and complained about the transport. I was so hungry. Good thing is the restaurant is not crowded, so the food was served pretty fast. I had fish for dinner. I ate while I replied some personal emails. 🙂

I’m back in my room now. Didn’t get to talk to my gold nuggets tonight as they were asleep when my hubby called me.

I look forward to tomorrow’s outing. A car is picking me up at 7.45am to go to my boss’s hotel and we’ll proceed from there to visit some colleagues as they invited us over for Deepavali. After that, my boss and I will go shopping together.

Time to hit the sack now…….nighty nite!


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