Trip to Chennai, India – Day 6 & 7

November 11, 2007 kAcAng

Day 6
Yeh! It’s Saturday! Another week to go. 🙂
It’s a shopping day. The car came early to pick me up. I left the hotel early, heading to Cottage Industries to check out some handicrafts that was recommended by Nicki who needs abit of time to finish up some work before we met up for lunch.

Cottage Industries is a beautiful place owned by Northern Indian, the Kashmir. It has beautiful carpets, jewelry, and handicrafts. I skipped the carpets, went straight to check out their jewelry. Oh boy oh boy….they sure are beautiful. Before I knew it, it was time to meet up with Nicki, so I left.

Nicki and I went to Amethyst. The front of Amethyst. Anupriya, Sweta and Jayambika were already waiting for us. The food was good there, not to mention the blackcurrant yogurt that was recommended by Nicki. Yum!!!

Then we headed to Spencer plaza. I bought a salwar (punjabi suit), an indian cotton top for JT, and a picture dictionary for SY. Toys are quite expensive here. Nicki bought some books and a beautiful piece of silk salwar.

After that, we went back to Cottage Industries as Nicki has never been there before. Again, we skipped the carpets, and headed straight to the jewelry. Their jewelry were wonderful, especially those with precious stones. I bought some and so did Nicki. They have excellent shawls and scarfs, but I didn’t get any as I don’t see a need in it. There, Nicki saw an extraordinary piece of beautiful blue/white saree. She couldn’t resist, so she bought it. It sure looks great on her.

We ended the evening by having dinner at the Courtyard Marriot, where Nicki stays. I reached the hotel at about 10pm. I had fun shopping. 🙂

Day 7
It will be a lazy day. I’ve plan to just laze in the hotel, watching tv, finish some work, etc.


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