missing my gold nuggets

January 8, 2008 kAcAng

Happy 2008! 

Time really flies. It’s 2008 now and I can’t believe my baby son will be 6 end of this year. It’s amazing how fast a child grows up. I still remember when he was a baby. Gosh….now he has a little sister that will turn 2 in mid March.

SY is in pre-school this year and will be going to Primary 1 at Yuk Chai next year. As for JT, I only plan to send her to the nursery when she is 4 years old. I miss them dearly. This is my second trip to Chennai in two months time. I hope I don’t have to travel until end of the year or early next year.

Here are some photos of my gold nuggets.

image_618.jpg  image_853.jpg

image_817.jpg  image_677.jpg

 Here are some photos of JT went “shopping” on two separate occassions.

image_829.jpg  image_846.jpg


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